Yes, my personal adjustable almost infinite procrastination list. If you don't know what "Procrastination" means is probably because you do already does it ...

Old utility stuff
Project % Status Date Description
UV Led Box 100% finalized 2012/01 kinda lame and ugly but it does work.
Arduino 3 pins LCD 100% finalized 2012/05 Uses LadyAda's library, see the I2C version below.
I2C LCD 100% finalized 2012/05 3 sets of 2004, one 4004.
ATX Power Supply Adapter 100% finalized 2012/06 Still need to upload some pictures.
BCS BT Shield 100% finalized 2012/07 made just a few tests.
RN-42 BT Shield 100% finalized 2013/06 simple shield to prototype the GH60 BT Project.

Medium Projects
Project % Status Date Description
FS-TH9X Mods 90% finalized 2012/06 9 of 12 mods done, I'm not sure IF I'm going to need telemetry and I don't need the SD card.
QuadCopter 90% almost finalized 2012/06 The basic setup is okay, a few parts are still hanging loose. I'm planning to get one GPS, camera and one decent sonar.
Edge 90% sleeping 2012/11 I do need to train and adjust the radio.
Extra Depron 10% sleeping 2012/11 I do need to finalize my sketch.
Heli class 450 0% sleeping 2012/12 All parts bought however the frame I got seems to be unstable.
EL Wire Labs 0% sleeping 2013/03 I'm waiting for the dammed EL wire ...

Bigger and more Serious Projects
Project % Status Date Description
GH60 BT 20% sleeping 2013/02 All parts bought, need to get my hands dirty.
GH60 Alps 90% waiting 2013/03 I finalized one version using the GH60 Rev B design. We decided that we would wait for Komar007 to finalize the new version in order to redo the Alps board.
GHPad Alps 10% waiting 2013/04 I did offered help to build an GHPad Alps version. See GH60 Alps.
GH65 Matt3o 100% buried 2013/04 This project is kinda buried, waiting for a resurrection or a group build.
GH60 Case 50% waiting 2013/05 Waiting for Komar007 prototype board. I will send Photekq's design to the CNC shop to try out our ideas as soon as we get Komar007's prototype.
Alps TKL 50% waiting 2013/06 I'll help with the PCB, the plan is to get what I already designed for the GH60 Alps project and add the required parts.
MX/Alps Mini 0% sleeping 2013/06 I'll help with the PCB, the plan is to get what I already designed for the Matt3o's GH65 MX/Alps project and add the extra row.
GH32 I2C Keypad 0% waiting 2013/07 PCB 90% done, I'm waiting for some feedback before sending it to the fab house ...
Prusa I3 XL 99% Tunning and praying 2013/04 Done.

Ideas, someday maybe it will grow up into a project
Idea Status Date Description
I2C Simple Adapter Case and wiring. Would be good to have it done for the most commons Teensy variations.
ErgoDox Extra I2C port.
POS NumPad, I2C. See GH32 above
GHPad Cherry/Alps KeyPad I2C. See GH32 above
uTron Keyboard I2C See GH32 above
UV Box 2.0 CNC.
OpenSCad support for 3DConnexion

Topics to talk about
Subject Status Description
Arduino Lipo Powered
Arduino BT

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