14 January, 2013

New Turnigy 9XR TX

For those whom still remember my previous post about the FS TH9X TX mods there is a welcome news: Hobby King is selling the new Turnigy 9XR TX - it's the resulting of all those mods you saw into my post and a few more.

I'm not sure what came into this TX yet. There are some obvious features in this new version like the new chassis, the AVRISP connector, the ER9X pre flashed firmware, the back light, the JR and Futaba training connectors, the 3S lipo battery, the internal antenna and others.

So, if you are a lazy bum or if you don't fell comfortable with the solder iron this is your chance to get a decent and cheap radio. IMHO this is the best radio in this range of price - even some expensive radios can't match it. Turnigy definitely is moving into the right direction getting all those mods into their project - it's proves they are listening to their customers.

I did just ordered mine and I'm excited waiting for it ...

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