01 March, 2013

Mechanical Keyboards

What do you think about a guy who's willing to spend US$ 300,00 on a single keyboard key? Yes, a keycap, that little square thing that you press to get chars into your text editor in order to write your marvelous texts (this one excluded, please, my English sucks and I'm shy anyway).

Right now everybody is talking about the Pope's ring, don't know why. Even you, I doubt you haven't heard about it. This dummie ring is just a piece of gold (metal, diamonds, etc), used to adorn one ancient finger. Useless stuff, however, I'm sure that this loveable ring costs more than this stupid keycap ...

Have you ever heard about keycaps that glow in the dark? Better than the ring (I could melt the ring to make some keycaps though).

Don't complain about the keycap and I'll shut my mouth. Who cares anyway?

The thing is that keyboards are awesome devices to start working in the microcontrollers world - they are cheap and I bet they are everywhere in the universe where there is intelligent life. A keyboard is basically a microcontroller tied to a matrix of switches arranged according to your keyboard design. A few switches wired into an array matrix, a few leds, the microcontroller and the software to read the switches, it's as simple as that.

You will see that there are a huge community out there designing and building really cool keyboards. Take a look:

WARNING: the content below is highly addictive for geeks.

GeekHack Forum

Geekhack projects summary

DeskThority Forum

Only three links but the amount of info there is bound to thrill you! Lots of awesome pictures too ...

This ring is only US$ 255 bucks.

I still haven't finished my "USB Devices" tutorial because I bumped into all this keyboard stuff (as I have said: it's addictive!).

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