04 March, 2013

RepRap Prusa mendel V2 (Iteration2) - 3D PRINTER

Dear friends,
it's my first time here as writer. I've decided to build a 3d Printer and for it I choose RepRap Prusa Mendel I2. It's a most common printer with a lot of docs and tech specs on the net.
First of all, I read, read and read.... then I solved to buy the necessary items to build it. It was a one month ago, now I'm ready to start the experience.
I'm following the steps from http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_Mendel_(iteration_2) site where is all (in theory) and the youtube Filear playlist (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA7DE3F3AED272E4E).

All ready to begin so let's play!

The first part is the easiest part, mechanical building. At this point I don't have much problems to worry.. just conections, thready rods, nuts and washers. It's strong recommended that you use a piece of woody or metal as a frame template, to ensure all sides with the same size. At the manual, it's written, but I thing that it's the most importante information to get all "in shape".

It'll continue.... Pictures comming soon...  
All right, let's go!

All parts ready to go... let's do the job.

After some hours, some parts are done: side frames, top, rear and front threaded rods assembled.

X,Y and Z axis in their places:

The wade extruder without hotend... I found out the my hotend will demand some modification on the extruder. This hotend has a guide for fillament over the head that doesn't fit on extrusor...

Heated bed and extrusor assembled

Next steps for today and tomorrow:
- Assembly hotend
- Adapt PC power supply to use in this project (There are many cables unnecessary for 3d printer in this kind of power supply)
- Connect eletronics to test heated bed, hotend and extrusor (engine and gears)

and...........Wait for the steeper motors!!!!!

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