01 July, 2012

3d modeling using paper folding tools

You read it right: there are hope for simple guys like you and me (or anyone whom still wants to keep up in line with your own wife, your social life and that huge list of 3d projects that you wanna make).

Well, cutting off the crap chat the hint is named Pepakura. In plain english: this fantastic tool convert your 3d model to paper craft models. Yes, you can get your sketchup models and bring then to life! I'm just doing some tests with some foamy airplane models ...

No biggie deal you might say hum? Just take a look on the links below and you will change your mind, believe-me!

  1. Pepakura Tutorial, fiber glass Halo helmet
  2. Iron Man 2 Costume, part I
  3. Iron Man 2 Costume, part II
  4. Alternative to Fiberglass Resin on Pepakura Parts Method
  5. PaperCraft Low Polygon Self Portrait
  6. Much more on youtube!

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