01 July, 2012

Creating foam models using Google SketchUp

The first plugin you must have is the "unfold" plugin. As the name implies this plugin flatten a 3d object in a way were you will be able to cut the foam and fold it again into the 3d base object!

The second plugin that you must have is the belzier plugin. Sketchup came with just one simple arc tool and it's not enough to the most of the plans that you can grab on the internet.

  1. YouTube, Unfold plugin use
  2. FullFuse_PART_1.wmv
  3. FullFuse_PART_2.wmv
  4. FullFuse_PART_3.wmv
  5. Profili
  6. E-Voo, Brazilian Aeromodelism site
  7. Mini tutorial: 2D to 3D using the free app Google SketchUp
  8. Google SketchUp Toolbar Series: Rotate
  9. Flattery plugin
  10. 9 Sketchup tips for better 3d modelling

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