17 July, 2012

AllWinnwer A10 Based Tablets

If you are looking for one cheap android ICS based tablet I would recommend this one below. It's does not came with Bluetooth nor 3G embedded but you can "easily" reflash this guy in order to add the support drivers you need.

I bought mine one eBay by 100 bucks with shipping, it's a real bargain. Where I live the usual "well know" brands are twice or more this price. I bought this guy just to stop to reflash and install code into my HTC desire - it's not a good idea to use your main cell phone to test this kind of stuff right? I don't need a US600 paper weight!

Be warned thought: there are lots and lots of versions of tablets using this microcontroller and It's almost impossible to identify all of then. I liked mine very much but I can't say who is the brand behind mine (even on the package there is no brand name nor label). Well, it's okay, it works and the material is really good for the price that I payed, to be honest it's better than what I was expecting.

I saw this very same microcontroller in one Set Top Box on deal extreme (for those whom doesn't know deal extreme is one ebay/china online seller/importer kinda of store, usually the same stuff that you see on dx you can get from ebay or on china, like the original Set Top Box here). I don't know mandarin but I do know that this Set Top Box has more power than the Raspberry Pi and cost so so 100 bucks on ebay ...

So, if you are, like me, interested on installing, flashing and trying some new roms I would recommend:

  1. The Tablet that I bought on ebay
  2. Windows 32 / 64 ADB Drivers
  3. List of tablets powered by Allwinner A10 processor
  4. Allwinner A10 General FAQ (non tablet specific)
  5. Hack A10 Devices
  6. xDev Tutorial, Build AOSP Android 2.3.7 for Allwinner A10 tablets
  7. Some pre-compiled roms to your AllWinner A10 based tablet
  8. Open Source Firmware for the Mele A1000

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