11 April, 2013

Open Source Alps Keyboard - GH60

If you do know what ALPs Switches are you do also know that there aren't many open source projects out there for this old fella - that's why the guys at the GeekHack forum came up with the idea to build one PCB to this little prehistoric switch.

The credit goes for Michal Trybus (Komar007 @ Geekhack), I just got his rev b project files and changed the switches used on it to fit the ALPs footprint. You can get more info regarding the original GH60 project at here and if you do want to know more about the Alps version at here.

This project is still up and running, right now we are just waiting the best moment to start the beta-testing and group buy action.

GH60 ALPs PCB, Github Kicad files here.

GH60 ALPs PCB Back side

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