01 April, 2013

Prusa I3 XL, build log and annotations

Another RepRap blog? Ohhhh YES, more one!

My goal here is not to teach anyone - I'm new to this RepRap world and I'm still learning all this stuff - my goal here is to keep an build log for my own reference and, maybe, help someone in this endeavor. A friend of mine (Gilson) has mentioned some time ago that the Prusa I3's documentation is not so good when compared with the Prusa Mendel - there is no complete manual or book with ALL required info until this date and by what I've saw it seems he is right. So I hope that this build log helps in this documentation too.

The thing is that I'm envy of my friend Gilson's printer - actually I don't like to keep asking him to print parts to me all the time - then I decided to build my own. Right now I'm waiting for a few parts from eBay and AliExpress yet. Maybe in two or tree weeks I will get the Step motors and then I'll send my frame to the CNC shop in order to start the building phase! (after more or less 3 months buying and waiting for these parts I'm kinda bored - it's a real pain to buy stuff from China!)

Until I start this building phase take a look at what I've done so far ...

Official Ramps 1.4b BOM (just in case you need to save money doing your own): here

My Prusa I3 BOM (for those willing to build one Prusa I3): here

My part list (I didn't liked a few parts so I decided to design my own, you can see it here): here

RepRap stuff that I'm kinda dating:

Logged HotEnd Price Notes
2013/05 J-Head, MKV $60 USD most used and popular, this one seems to be the latest version. Easily found on eBay.
2013/05 MG Plus $70 USD +shipping. MakerGear hotend, good quality by an not so reasonable price. Easily found on eBay.
2013/05 Trinity MetalMagma $65 USD +shipping, sold out. It supports 400C.
2013/05 E3D-v4 £39 GBP All metal and J-Head compatible, SUPER!
2013/05 arcol.hu €99 Expensive. All metal hotend however I never heard about this one.
2014/01 CB-Printer €1,830 Super printer, alu made in Poland
2014/01 Bulldog Extruder to be defined Another alu made extruder

Extruder Related Stuff
Logged Extruder Description Notes
2013/05 Metal Extruder RepRap Metal Gear System Extruder. AWESOME! Build instructions here.
2013/05 Metal Gears Metal Gear System Hardware Pack for Prusa/i3. kinda expensive but you can do contact the owner to ask him to send it using a cheaper shipping (without insurance and tracking). I've found this info into this blog.
2013/05 Ponoko Extruder CNC acrylic parts.

Reference and Usefull Stuff
Logged Link Notes
2013/05 book Getting Started with RepRap by Josef Průša, O'Reilly Sep 2013
2013/05 Prusa I3 Build Manual
2013/05 Prusa Mendel Build Manual
2013/06/23 RepRap Calculator3 by Josef Průša, a must have for all makers!
2013/05 Drive Gears Drive-gears to be used in direct drive and some other extruders. Only required when using some kind of (like the Adrian's_Geared_Extruder).
2013/06 Mechanical Endstop Recommended but not required. Simple pull up resistor schematics to connect your mechanical endstop. This pull up resistor is not required - The AtMega already has one internal pull up resistor that just need to be FUSE enabled.
2013/05 Optical Endstop Recommended but not required. Why they are not using the internal pull up resistor too?
2013/07 Improved Optical Endstop Recommended but not required. Still not using the dammed internal pull up resistor ...
2013/06/04 RepRapDiscount Recommended but not required. RepRapDiscount Smart Controller.
2013/06/04 UltiPanel Schematics for UltiPanel with rotary encoder.
2013/06/04 Touch TFT LCD Graphical RepRap Touch TFT LCD (mini Pronterface style).
2013/06/04 SynchroMesh Cable Kinda hard to find it here in Brazil.
2013/07/31 Aluminum frame Prusa i3 RED ANODIZED Awesome Frame, 69 euros!

Please, fell free to drop a line!


  1. Came across your site in my research to build an Prusa i3 XL. I and wondering if you can school me in the differences between the i3 and the i3 XL? Is it just the length of the rods? I can't seem to find a full and complete parts list for the XL. Thanks for any help on this.

  2. Hi Dan.
    As far as I know only the frame sizes are different, the rods are the same, however, there are too many I3 variations. It's kinda hard to figure out if this is exact for the XL model that you trying to build. I got my frame drawings in Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39889) then I changed the height and the width (my XL area is 220x230x250mm).
    Where did you got your drawings?