28 April, 2013

Open Source Cherry/Alps Keyboard - GH65

Hi guys, long time no see you. There's a while since my last post - that's because I've been working into a few projects that I need to finish to keep my spirits up (my quadcopter for instance). I said that I need to finish a few projects? Now I do have to finish more one! I got kinda envious of my friend Gilson's printer and then I started another project (one Prusa I3). Yes, my procrastination list is still huge! Thanks to you Gilson!

One month or so ago Matt3o asked me if I could design a PCB for an Keyboard layout he had in mind at that time (picture 1). You can see more about his topic at the GeekHack forum - there are also a few awesome pictures of his keyboard there.

Picture 1, Matt3o Layout

After almost 3 weeks I came up with the 2 PCBs below:

Picture 2, complete PCB - GitHub Kicad files here

Picture 3, PCB with headers to attach the Teensy 2.0 board - Github Kicad files here

Matt3o ended up using direct wiring into his keyboard (I think he got impatient waiting for my design) and we didn't used these PCBs for real. Would be good to have a complete review before you do decide to order it into a fab house (OSH for instance).

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